Volunteering has always been an integral part of the Silver Chain history and in the past year we have seen many examples of people giving their time to provide community and centre-based day care support and companionship across WA through our volunteering programs.

Currently, our organisation benefits from the skills and experience of dedicated volunteers who make a significant contribution, enhancing the quality of service we provide to clients and their families.

Our volunteers throughout Australia conduct a range of activities including:

  • alleviating the burden on carers
  • providing companionship, conversation and support
  • assisting in the success of special events, promotions and general fundraising

Silver Chain has many different volunteering programs including palliative care volunteers, social centre volunteers and volunteers part of our Community Connections program.

Below are some of volunteering highlight stories from the past year.

Technology teachers
One of our volunteers has supported two clients to access and learn how to use an iPad and other technology to improve their daily lives and connection to family. The volunteer helped one of her clients learn how to download ‘Whatsapp” and send messages to her loved ones in Singapore. When she received a reply, she cried.

Something so simple we take for granted can be a powerful means of maintaining relationships and a sense of belonging. Often older people can feel left behind as technology advances so quickly. The client explained she tried attending a class but found it too hard to understand and couldn’t keep up. Having the one to one support of our volunteer has opened a whole new world for her.

Calls at Christmas
On Christmas Day in 2017, a small and dedicated team volunteered their time to come into our Contact Centre and made calls to clients who had been identified as potentially living alone during the festive season. While you can’t see the client’s faces, you can hear the happiness and appreciation in their voice, knowing someone is thinking about them during Christmas. We look forward to continuing this initiative each year and is another way volunteering makes a difference to those in need.

Lucia’s love of cooking
Lucia is a volunteer cook at our Fremantle Social Centre and in 2017 she celebrated 25 years of service as a volunteer with Silver Chain. It is an amazing achievement of service and dedication to Silver Chain and our clients, thank you Lucia! Read more about Lucia’s story.

A helping hand from hipages
A charitable community initiative by hipages has transformed our Rockingham Social Centre's backyard into a dementia friendly environment. What started as a modest goal, to give our social centre’s backyard a makeover, quickly turned into an extraordinary project that has touched the hearts of our clients, especially those living with dementia. Watch the video.

To register your interest or find out more about becoming a volunteer, please contact us on (08) 9242 0242 or recruitment@silverchain.org.au for further details.