Year in Review - ACNA

The 2017/18 financial year was bittersweet for Access Care Network Australia (ACNA) as the program that started it all, the WA Assessment Framework, transitioned to My Aged Care.

We are proud of the significant contribution the Assessment Framework made to the people of Western Australia and are grateful for the support ACNA had from the WA Health Department to learn about best practice in assessment services. As a result, we were able to design, test and evaluate our Active Assessment model that incorporates reablement strategies, an assessment methodology that has now been rolled out across all of ACNA’s Regional Assessment Services (RAS) nationally.

But with change comes opportunity and we were delighted to have received funding from the Commonwealth Department of Health to continue to support West Australian RAS and Aged Care Assessment Teams (ACATs) to continue to focus on this assessment methodology. This is a strong indicator of the esteem in which the model and our assessors are held and the outcomes we are achieving for our clients and funders.

Following our research into understanding the correlation between carer strain and the functional or health status of the person they are caring for, we developed a partnership with Carers WA to pilot a resilience building approach for carers that is based on our reablement approach to support planning. While this study is still in its early stages we are learning a great deal and enjoying our collaboration with Carers WA.

We were also delighted to have our ComPacks contract in NSW renewed, enabling us to continue to assist Local Health Districts discharge patients knowing their patients are being supported with activities of daily living during their recovery period.

The forthcoming year will be a challenging one, with reform in aged care continuing at a rapid pace, a new Integrated Carers Support System currently in development and some of our contracts up for retendering. I am confident that the ACNA team will continue to focus on supporting clients to achieve their goals and in doing so demonstrate positive outcomes for clients and funders – just as they did with the 46,880 people they assisted during this financial year.

Ricki Smith
Chief Executive Officer, ACNA

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