National Medical Director Update

The past year has demonstrated the continued maturation of Silver Chain Group as a health care organisation, culminating in the successful achievement of Australian Council of Healthcare Standards accreditation. 

Whilst our medical workforce continues to expand in East Coast operations, the organisation has established a structure to ensure a high performing medical workforce with robust clinical governance oversight. 

In December, the Clinical Credentialing Committee convened for the first time with terms of reference and a membership to reflect current best practice. All independent practitioners (Doctors and Nurse Practitioners) now have an eMercury profile and will be required to undergo re-credentialing on a periodic basis, ensuring that our workforce remains contemporary.

A Morbidity and Mortality (M&M) Committee was also assembled for the first time, promoting a safe blame-free culture focussing on systems, not individuals. This broad-based committee cuts across our different business units to break down silos and provide a productive forum for discussion about individual clinical review cases or broader issues.

Significant findings from the committee have been shared with staff members in ‘Lessons Learned’ newsletters which give staff practice points to apply in every day practice to improve patient safety.

Silver Chain Group continues to invest in training the next generation of Medical undergraduates, Registered Medical Officer and Registrars, who, after all, will be our workforce of the future.

Daryl Kroschel
National Medical Director