hipages lends helping hand in Rockingham

A charitable community initiative by hipages has transformed Silver Chain’s Rockingham Social Centre’s backyard into a dementia friendly environment.

What started as a modest goal, to give our social centre’s backyard a makeover, quickly turned into an extraordinary project that has touched the hearts of our clients, especially those living with dementia.

hipages is Australia’s number one place to hire qualified, trusted and verified tradespeople, and nine of their local tradies from Rockingham kindly volunteered their time to renovate our backyard.

Silver Chain Social Centre Co-ordinator Mandy Holmshaw said the new backyard is remarkable and already having a positive impact on all our clients.

“hipages built us our own little café, vegie garden and a beautiful backyard that our clients living with dementia use to retain and learn everyday life skills, such ordering a cup of tea and buying milk and bread,” Mandy said.

“It’s important for people living with dementia to have access to facilities like this. It empowers and enables them to set personal goals for themselves so they can maintain their social skills.

“It’s unbelievable, for many of our clients, our social centre is a home away from home and they’ve been out there every day since it opened.

“They cried, they were wowed, and they couldn’t believe they had this beautiful environment they could use to keep their skills and enjoy.”

hipages donated more than $20,000 worth of local tradies’ time and materials to complete the project with additional support from Bunnings and Benara Nursey.