Integrum Aged Care+

An exciting development during the 2017/18 year has been the pre-pilot and pilot implementation of Integrum Aged Care+.

'Integrum' is a program enabling older Australians with complex and chronic health conditions to live out the vision of Silver Chain Group, by remaining at home and avoiding admission to acute hospitals and residential aged care facilities.

A pre-pilot of 30 clients kicked off at our Belmont site in September and the pilot, targeting enrolment of 300 clients, commenced in March at a newly commissioned Belmont site. The program was officially launched by Hon Ken Wyatt on 6 July at the Belmont clinic, which generated significant media coverage.

Integrum brings together the best of Silver Chain’s Health and Social Care offerings and provides responsive care to clients with complex needs, allowing them and their carers to live at home with confidence. The program operates with a number of key principles around the goals of the client in an unrushed ‘concierge’ experience focussing on coordination and communication, as well as carer stress and fatigue.

The Integrum Aged Care+ pilot will run until February 2019 and will be externally evaluated by Curtin University from a client/carer experience and PwC from an economic perspective pertaining to savings to the hospital system.

Daryl Kroschel
National Medical Director