Digital Services

Digital Service’s main focus for the 2017/18 financial year was to drive an organisation-wide digital transformation strategy.

This strategy, which is still in progress, set about identifying five focus areas to prioritise customer experience and usability by our frontline staff and will ultimately empower our organisation to make decisions based on trusted, integrated and real-time data.

The first step of the strategy completed in 2017/18 was the decision serving as a foundational layer of bigger digital transformation which allows us to begin moving our remaining on-premise workloads to the Cloud.

We also identified strategic partners who will help us to further strengthen our controls around protecting clients’ information and confidential data.

The Digital Services team has also successfully created new client experiences for the Enhanced Medical Mixed Realty (EMMR) project. This includes delivering augmented reality experiences (holoportation) for our clients. This exciting new technology opens many new opportunities around technology driven outcomes.

We look forward to developing more smart care services and solutions in the future by leveraging on technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual reality, remote patient monitoring, telehealth and big data to open many new exciting opportunities in the technology driven outcome space.

Manfred Beirer
Chief Information Officer