Our People

People are Silver Chain’s key asset.

During the 2017/18 financial year, Silver Chain Group employed and onboarded 960 new staff members which took our overall headcount to 4,147 staff at 30 June 2018, all of whom were vital in enabling us our vision to deliver world’s best health and aged care.

The commitment and contribution of all Silver Chain Group staff throughout the year has been exceptional and it is with gratitude and great pleasure that we thank and congratulate all staff for their unwavering client focus, and exceptional care for our clients and organisation.

The dedication and loyalty of our staff can be appreciated by our recent length of service recognition awards issued for:

10 Years 15 years 20 years 25 years 30 years 35 years 40 years
113 staff 33 staff 21 staff 14 staff 9 staff 3 staff 1 employee

As a Group we have embarked on our Best Care strategy which provides our frontline staff with a stronger voice through the establishment of service networks which brings like-minded people together across specialised services.

We continued to invest in our leadership development with a review and refresh of our leadership programs. Our Online New Leaders program, launched in January 2018 helps guide new leaders through a blended learning experience. 

Ongoing professional development opportunities were also provided through online training modules, professional development days, and conferences. 

Our Project Management Office, through strong discipline and governance, successfully delivered 25 projects within their portfolio, with a further 32 projects commencing throughout the last year which will continue over the new financial year.

The injury prevention and management program, Early Intervention, which supports staff to identify and seek assistance for aches, sprains and strains before they escalate into injures, is now well embedded throughout the organisation with utilisation increasing year-on-year.

To support our staff to continue to achieve their health and wellbeing goals, we continue to run range of Health and Wellbeing Programs such as:

  • the 2018 Weight Loss Challenge which included 226 Silver Chain staff participants who lost a total of 400kg and 600cm around their waists reducing cardiovascular disease risk
  • a new ‘Refocus your Health’ program
  • a new national video conferencing initiative program that include injury prevention exercise classes
  • community fun runs to raise funds for charity
  • ongoing exercise classes, meditation sessions and health assessments available to staff. 

Elaine Meighan
Group Manager HR Services